What’s Preventing a New Oxford Movement? 

The Living Church’s Covenant blog just published a post I put together to try and explore what might be preventing the development of a new Oxford Movement.  You can read it here, if you feel so moved! And here’s a brief excerpt, to give an idea of the content.

‘With all that said, however, I also reflected on the fact that I first read his post four years ago, and so I found myself asking How much has changed since then? Has the Episcopal Church in general (or Anglo-Catholic parishes in particular!) developed a more profound focus on the adoration of God? Have we developed a renewed commitment to justice work grounded in the Incarnation? Have we fostered a renewed sense of Anglican identity across the real and painful conflicts that have come to define us?

Answers to these questions will differ across the Episcopal Church. And, unlike in politics, four years is not a long time for us — if we need to refocus on the adoration of God, then it may take a long time. But with these qualifications in mind, it seems that few (if any) of the things a new Oxford Movement could address have changed.

My question, then, is why. What is preventing these commitments from taking root in different and diverse communities?’

Read the full piece here.


One thought on “What’s Preventing a New Oxford Movement? 

  1. Ed – how does the Jesus Movement – articulated by our Presiding Bishop Curry – relate to the essence of your essay? Do you see reverence – adoration of God – justice based on sacramental sustenance within Bishop Curry’s vision?


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