I’m a student at Yale Divinity School, studying for an MAR in Theology.  My main interests are systematic theology, philosophy, and attempts to live these disciplines in the Church and in the world. I  volunteer at Saint Martin de Porres Academy, a school for New Haven kids who grew up in low-income situations.

I grew up an atheist, but underwent a fairly sudden conversion to Christianity in 2010. I lived as a member of Saint Hilda’s House, an Episcopal Service Corps site in New Haven, for three years. And I worked as Missioner-in-Residence at Saint John’s Cathedral from 2015-16, which you can read about here, and here. I also write on and off for the Oriel Theology blog here.

This blog is  a space for me to post those things which keep my mind occupied. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at edward.watson@yale.edu.


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  1. Speaking as a priest with two degrees from EDS, some years as a parish priest, and now an administrator at EDS, I want to trll you this is BRILLIANT. I hope it is heard far and wide. How do you answer the question that what you describe sounds a good deal like a deacon (who is also ordained)?
    Thomas Eoyang


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